No, it’s not what you think, although the mental image is not far off…I am referring here to people I have come across who finally get the “bug” to really work LinkedIn, go absolutely crazy: posting and commenting and renovating and adding multimedia, then stop.

{Cue the brakes screeching.}

Because after a week or two of hard core LinkedIn activity, they did not get the engagement that our instant gratification society expects. So they stop, frustrated. Cold turkey.

Folks, this is a long game, not a beauty content to be stuffed into a few hours. It takes months, years, decades.

But that time commitment should not stop you, because you poured body, mind, heart, and soul into the decades of your past career. So demonstrate on LinkedIn what you learned and perfected within that period of career development and how you will continue to invest in yourself. How your past experience makes you who you are today so clients and prospects will work with you in their, and your, futures. Past-present-future, right?

Time will tell, and you will persevere, so long as you consistently add value and quality to the professional community around you, so don’t drop dramatically and disappear dejectedly.

Think: long term. Yes, really long.