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This is why you ask first

A connection request came in with a nice note thanking me for my LinkedIn observations in a podcast, which the connection requester (“him”) in the below conversation transcript) appreciated what I wanted the audience to learn.

So I looked to see who he was connected to, and contacted a mutual connection (“her” in the below conversation transcript) to establish a reference point from this trusted colleague: is he a good person for me to pursue a connection? I am glad I asked:

Me: Good Friday afternoon! {name of connection requester} has asked to connect to me based on our podcast chat. Do you know him? If you think I should connect, I will schedule a “meet me” with him to evaluate the fit. Need your input please. Good weekend, Marc

Her: Hi Marc! Good question, he is connected with me as well. He works for a startup and he loves to network. I can’t read him clearly, … having said that, I have some doubt on who he really is. Wow difficult question. Conclusion: I don’t know. I spoke with him on zoom. Very nice, but…

Me: Thanks. I’ll pass. Nicely…

Her: I understand! Thank you for asking!

{a few minutes later…}

Me to {connection requester}: Thanks for asking but I will respectfully decline. My policy is to only connect to people I got to know doing business with them so I will respectfully decline, but I do suggest you follow me on LinkedIn. That way you can see all my observations, writing, and thoughts, with a “Nugget” every business day. Thanks, Marc

Him (and this happens sometimes to validate professional respect for others): Thank you for your kind and clear message, Marc. It’s good to have your own rules and work along with that line. Of course, I respect that. Have a lovely weekend! Best regards.

Moral: Pre-qualify first, and then if warranted, vet your connection requests, please. Be professional.

As I like to say, don’t be a promiscuous linker. It’s not a good reputation to have….

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