Less than 4 more months to year end.

Time to plan your yearend business goals. Including the ones that make you shudder with dread, like renovating your LinkedIn profile, like using LinkedIn for more original content, like being more visible with consistent quality.

I know you don’t like doing any of that. But borrowing from the TV ad for Shingrix, the shingles medication, no one cares if you like LinkedIn it or not. Using it well is expected, essential.

You have to start somewhere. Anywhere, just outline what you need to say, and say it well.

You owe it to yourself to be forthright and original, telling why you, in your digital marketing, and make LinkedIn a power tool in that toolbox.

Because if it appears you don’t care on LinkedIn, no one else will either. Prospects, referrals, people who find you in the search function on LinkedIn.

You’re in charge of your future. Plan out the changes you need to make to your LinkedIn profile. Set deadlines, be accountable to yourself, for your own benefit.

Procrastinating only plays into the hands of the competition. They have good profiles; why don’t you?

When to do this? Not next week or month or quarter or year.