Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Training yourself: do better

Grand Central Station in NYC

Ever take a train to a major city?

Disembarking, you notice the station and its impression is immediate: the nicer the train station, the better your immediate feel for the city. One with peeling paint, cobwebs, and dim light set you off on the downward-spiraling assumption that the city is suffering. Ugh.

Continual investment in the architecture, preservation, and upkeep of the once-perfect structure show you the time, money, and effort the city places in its first impression. And then some.

Same for your LinkedIn profile.

Make an immediate impression, nothing less than providing that indelible indication of the entrepreneurial experience the reader could enjoy with you.

As I always say, let them fall in “like” with you on your LinkedIn profile, enough to inquire via phone or email to you. Then it’s up to you to make them fall in “love” with you enough to hire you.

Roll with your changes, toot your own horn, then make them chug in to get your best impression.

All aboard!

No blog post tomorrow in observance of Yom Kippur.