Your competitors’ LinkedIn usage is lame. You know it. They may be for long.

Now’s the time to beef up your own LinkedIn presence, adding valuable content, cogent remarks about others’ material you come across worthy of constructive commentary, and of course, your profile is already perfect, right? because after all, you’ve been reading here.

But what if you have a great idea, or a thoughtful story to tell, or a lesson learned from your real entrepreneurial life, what do you do next? Well, you tell us on LinkedIn.


Because if you don’t tell us, we won’t know.

But you knew that. Again from reading here.

What I continue to learn is exactly HOW to word those comments around content and commentary. And that these words must do more than hang together; they must mesh, as the choice words become relatable phrases then they become intelligent comments.

Along with hashtags, without typos, and multimedia to ram home your point. just never be bland. Beautiful.

It’s the impression you are making on a casual reader: they see your point, now able add to his or her knowledge or revise a preconceived image or notion. Beautiful.

You are having an effect globally so your work must be beyond good, it must be detailed and entail forethought to make it sharable. Beautiful.

And from there, who knows where you intelligence will fly and be admired for being beautiful?

Note: no blog post tomorrow. Have a safe Labor Day long weekend. I’ll be back next Thursday (after the Jewish new year).