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Clients in the past have come in all varieties, from worldly to local-yokel, from MENSA-brilliant to well, you know, from highly experienced industry leaders looking for that next career step to fresh-out-of-school looking for anything to get a start.

Everyone has something to gain from an injection of new knowledge.

As a coach and trainer, I teach to the best denominator, above their incoming knowledge base, so they leave enlightened and emboldened. Never to the common denominator because that’s a judgement that is fraught with error. Never below, assuming they need to wipe the mental slate clean of past transgressions.

One step above. Perhaps 2 if I sense they are amenable.

Like networking “up,” coaching and training “up” over the past 12+ years has yielded a small army of entrepreneurs and professionals who bring what they already learned by experience, coupled with their new-found knowledge (hopefully from me and my minions of reliable coaches and trainers in my entourage) and apply it to their present and their futures.

And, as happened last week, one dropped in by e-mail to tell me a success story, and often others update me on a recent career event, or advise of a small misstep and hopefully a next leap up. I get a fresh rush of “I helped.” and “They just took what I showed them and made it better for themselves.”

Then I too take a breath of fresh, clear, refreshing air. Ahhh.