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Turn off and tune out, aka report and block

Do you honestly think that your initial contact with me should be asking for a sale?

Have you lost your senses?

Perhaps if someone is too quick to connect, didn’t vet the one asking to connect, or misrepresented themselves, and then they try to “sell you,” they really botched it. So did you. It takes 2.

Another one for the books:

Today I received an unsolicited InMail saying I was chosen from an elite group to attend a convention of breast implant surgeons. Gasp, didn’t they really did a good job scouring their database? he asked sarcastically.

When I replied asking them to remove me from their list, the sales schtick started. As I ran for LinkedIn cover, they kept messaging me. I had to block and report them.

Don’t try to sell anyone, and don’t accept being sold to by anyone, unless you know them well. Period.

The Block and Report functions were designed for abuses!

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