Often a prospect tells me they hear my passion about what I do in my voice and intonation as I explain how I can help them and why I do what I do.

So when I met Suzie and Neil Israel of Sketchology Studios, I knew I wanted…no make that needed…an animation, as an appetizer, ahead of the first phone or zoom call to introduce my personalized coaching work.

Make them hunger for more, right?

And after my several tries recording my spoken part in the sound-muffling claustrophobia of my clothes closet (their pragmatic idea) into my iphone, and the real voices of colleagues Kimberly Rice and Casey Berman (in their own closets!), my 2 animator-wizards came up with this and I could not be happier.

Many thanks are due to my inner tribe for their sneak-peek critiques, generous help: great friends, clients, and tech gurus (you knw who you are!) to make the 1 minute 24 second final video what it is today.

Stay tuned: I will get animated about my group training offerings next, then my newest third leg of the stool LinkedIn event marketing, then a 30-second Creator Mode intro to be clicked behind my Linkedin profile headshot.