OK, a sensitive topic.

Yesterday I saw a post on LinkedIn that made me look away in horror.

It was too, too much.

Someone posted a video of a child with such bad burns that she was missing most of both hands and had a grossly scarred face.

Was the intention to catch our attention, startle, and/or upset? Or to gather donations for her rehabilitation and healing. No mention of the latter, so the former was the intent.

It was posted wrongly, I say, and I will insist that belongs on another social media platform, not LinkedIn.

Choose which, just not there.

Conversely and perversely, it reminded me of the saccharine puppy-and-kitten LinkedIn-bombing that we had here a few years ago, cute and cuddly, but so incorrect for this platform. And I also spoke up then.

Please, let’s use this platform to further business acumen and advance professional knowledge and contribute to the global conversation, not for our own personal agenda, so far outside regular business.

Please use business-sense and discretion.

You may disagree with me, that’s OK.