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It’s a deep dive: rebranding yourself and your company

My newest client is a CEO of a startup who is already rebranding his business.

He not only changed the name of his company, but the thrust of his offer to help others (associated, but streamlined), and his logo.

He has approached me to help him and that’s a project I look forward to diving into.

He is sharing this deeper dive with me, above and beyond his need to properly market this on LinkedIn, so I can be his diving coach. At least to coordinate with his PR and marketing punch list and integrate the communications he wishes to place on LinkedIn.

Diving coach? Yes, anyone can land in the water off a diving board, but it’s the technique and graceful balance that makes your dive a “10” vs. a (belly) flop. Anyone can do a cannonball, splashy and rough, but it’s the training and confidence-building that permits you to dare to perfect a “front-four-and-a-half,” the most difficult dive in the world. Because your prospects and colleagues are watching you, rooting for you, they want to see you succeed. But you can’t do it all yourself.

You probably need some coaching. Like I am doing for the European river boat cruise the luxury travel planner offers. Like I can do for you.

Beyond my now 12 years’ LinkedIn 1:1 coaching and Linkedin group training, I am offering open-ended event marketing for your special project. A welcome challenge for me and a rousing success for you, together to land it perfectly.

And as I advise my clients who use Inmail to get attention, if this does not apply to you, please pass this along to someone else who can benefit from my perspective and consulting advice.

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