Ever feel you entered a story, TV show, or conversation already in progress, and need to be briefed just to catch up?

That’s how I felt with a recent LinkedIn profile I started reading. I realized they left out the first part: where did they come from to make them who they are today? Why should I tie my future to their past and present?

They were thinking it was not important. Or not thinking at all.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I hire based on demonstrated experience. I make assumptions based on the information they provide about they came from, what they learned along the way, how they express themselves now, and how they can help me in the future.

And I will quickly move on to another candidate when someone confuses me or leaves out such important background. What else would they leave out in the work they would be doing for me or for a referral partner?

Said another way, don’t let a reader think they are starting at chapter 5 of your career narrative when they have not been following along with your experience and skillset in each of chapters 1 to 4!

Tell your story.

Would you buy from you if you had to decide, based on what you present in your LinkedIn profile?

No? Perhaps you need to rewrite it…