Photo by Raphael Renter on Unsplash

Yesterday I showed you a simple schematic to evaluate how your LinkedIn content will best resonate with readers or listeners.

Today I want to go a step further and suggest you use those concepts and repurpose older content. Shine it up with a new, perfect patina to appeal to former, current, and future readers.

Months (or years) ago, you slaved over a piece and it was perfect, so you posted it. Ah, but it had a short shelf life on LinkedIn, like a snowflake in a snowstorm, and yet you believe it’s still relevant, perhaps even more so now that a certain event or news item has broken. So, why not bring it back to life?

A few ideas:

  • Reprise it with “ICYMI” in front of the post. Copy the older post and add a sentence at the end for the reader to see it in a new context.
  • Reword the post (a fresh look is always valuable) and refer to the original link to an article written by someone else, in a new way (just test that link to be sure it’s still valid).
  • Recast the post and this time use different hashtags at the end.
  • Same as above, but invoke the names of selected colleagues who you want to prod to reply with @ in front of their names.
  • End an older post with a new call to action: anything from a optimistic “Given pandemic changes in our economy, what do you expect after we emerge?” to a simple “I’d be interested in your perceptions,” or something in-between
  • And finally if that doesn’t get them chatting online, you can really stick your neck out (you already did just by posting anyhow), so be brave and add: “I was sure you would want to opine on this and yet I saw little interaction. C’mon folks, what’s top on your mind in this matter?” Guilt is a wonderful catalyst…

Have fun with this, experiment, dust off that old post, and give it a new reason to make you shine in the eyes of your readers, followers, and connections on LinkedIn. Be relevant to be memorable and referable.

That’s the goal, right?

Tomorrow: a guest blog post by Mark Iorio, in which he relates a LinkedIn story that “suited” his aim to spread his valuable content!