Today's LinkedIn Nugget


My Outlook calendar allows me to place an event on “snooze.” I can choose the time interval for it to return to remind me that it’s coming up again. Or I can delay and procrastinate and eventually stop thinking about doing it if I hit the snooze button again and again, and then it’s enough.

It’s been ignored, deleted, wiped away as if I never saw it.

Similarly, I can hit my mental snooze button on a dull, formulaic, boring LinkedIn profile, one in which I will painfully read until I no longer stand it any longer, never knowing or caring what they now do, and more importantly, where we can go together. So I hit the snooze on their past experience, being so resume-y and factoid-y,

Don’t make your reader hit the snooze button. Keep them enthralled, at least enough to consider contacting you. Or they will never come back. Ever.

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