I am venturing out more readily now, Yes, the variant scares the hell out of me, but I need people contact. So I select the already-vaccinated colleagues I have missed seeing and joking and discussing the foibles of entrepreneurial life. And the clients who I intend to update on new events and technologies they need to know about. All in outdoors meetings as much as possible.

So when I visited a client a few weeks ago in their NYC office, they all smiled, glad to see me and me them, and we proceeded on to new developments in their business and how I can accommodate their needs; then I met a colleague in the park a few weeks ago, we got to know each other that much better; then off to a networking session in a conference room (imagine that!) where I finally met some really fine colleagues face-to-face, hug to hug, with whom our relationship started in the pandemic; and then finished the day with a large client and we engaged in a very honest conversation about how we need to develop new ideas together to keep the already-great relationship so vital.

One hour, one half-hour, one hour, one hour, respectively. A rich full day.

My two-hour lunch last week cemented a budding relationship with a peer, on a sunny day under an umbrella in an outdoor coffee venue. Over that period of time we covered a lot of ground, opened new channels, and agreed to repeat our meeting.

I am not saying every meeting need not be 2 hours to be effective, as I have found great value in a zoom once a week for an hour with one colleague, and every month with a few others. Or a staccato zoom chat for a few minutes to see, speak and agree each other. Or a Slack message.

In as much time as it takes to be effective and efficient.

Regularly refresh and reassure, reassess and refer, retrench and redirect, refocus and refine, return and repeat.