I am a fan of technology as a means of being more efficient.

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

I am not a fan of severe, abrupt changes in technology. I prefer they develop in ways I can adapt, in digestible steps.

For that reason I am considering which networking groups to return to in person and which to Zoom.

For some, like the one in upstate NY and the global ones, the choice is obvious.

But for the local- and NYC-based groups, I have a decision to make.

I prefer the time saved in not commuting to/from, rather attending the meeting as scheduled as part of my business day. I barely have to lift a finger to attend and still benefit.

On the other hand, I savor the interpersonal face-to-face aspects of physical meetings for the human interaction, like in the good old pre-pandemic days.

I am hearing more of groups that allow you to come and go, Zoom or in person, so long as you attend regularly. As you wish.

That seems a reasonable compromise, especially as the Delta variant looms.

I am sure I am not ready to fully thrust forth and meet in person all the time. But I will use LinkedIn as a powerful tool to prepare for each meeting by researching new members, or reviewing others’ profiles, Zoom-chat with them on the side showing I read about our common interests, colleagues, etc. and arrange a later meeting.

That always breaks the proverbial ice and warms the meeting environment for better interaction, virtually or in person. And leads to hot new business opportunities.

My choice with so much at stake, I will prepare and be ready, in the method I choose, Linkedin in my pocket.