I’m due.

Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

The pandemic seems to be over (at least I hope so!) and on my list of to-do’s is contact my photographer and sit for a headshot session.

Do I look different than I did in 2014 when my last set was taken? Oh yes.

The last one seems like yesterday, a hot August day, subway was particularly fragrant, I arrived slightly moist, and needed to relax, refrigerate, and regenerate my inner self to be ready to commit to what ultimately became a 7-year-old photo, to appear on the back cover of 2 books and atop many CVs, bios, articles, etc.

Yes, it appears that I must admit I aged in the ensuing 7 years, with no thanks to a pandemic wedged in between!

For my new headshot, I believe I should be seen as I now am, not as I last portrayed. OK, it might require a tiny it of photoshopping, but I am no longer darker-haired (less too!) and I will never let myself be seen as anything resembling an avatar of myself. I want to be captured as I currently look. I embrace the current me.

So what about you? Ready for a new closeup (shoulders to head)?