Today's LinkedIn Nugget

How nice of you to mention that!

After a coaching or group training session I get feedback, and yes, it’s good to hear from anyone I affected following the session.

Most times it’s a request to connect, and I have to decline because, as you know from reading me here, I have to vet and know the person well beyond their sitting in on my 90 minute teaching spot.

But some of the comments are really satisfying like “You have really shifted my thinking around the use and value of Linkedin and it was great to work with you this evening. You are an inspiring coach and easy to work with – now it is my turn………… work!”    

That’s a “keeper,” don’t you agree? But where do you retain it?

I think that the best place to preserve that warm glow sent to me is on my Linkedin profile. Without sounding too self-absorbed, I believe that unsolicited comments such as the above quote are more meaningful and sincere than anything I can add about how well I do the “why” I do what I do.

So I added his comment to my LinkedIn profile among others: spontaneous, short ones along with longer, solicited recommendations that I have strategically deposited there as well.

Segue: Solicited LinkedIn recommendations have their place too, of course. Ask for them and manage the recommender to comment on the aspect(s) of your greatest work they actually know well.

Back to our regularly scheduled blog topic…This is marketing, right? This is a place people can read about “why me” in my own words, and also unvarnished direct words from the fingertips of many others, so why not make the most of both?

But do so carefully. All these comments are shining light on the facets of the cut stone of your “why.” Spotlight them expeditiously. Meter them so as not to appear too over-the-top.

Let all that light flow in to emit the sparkling “why you.”


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