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You connect some professionals on LinkedIn. You put a lot of thought and nice comments behind it.

Sure, they thanked you at the outset.

Then you wait for them to contact each other, for sparks to ignite, and for something useful to come about.

But you don’t hear anything. Then you wonder, “was it useful to one or both?”

But they never let you know what happened. Because we get busy. Because we get distracted.

Nothing is requiring you to put the referrer on a “pedastool,” as my grandmother used to say, but do make a point of updating the introducer that the process has started, or it’s in process, or it’s meant-to-be, or as sometimes happens, it never took off.

From that information, other referrals can come, each better than the earlier one(s), with experience as a guide.

Referrals are like trains, if you miss one there’s another one coming, (and here is where the simile ends) if you act and optimize them, and update the giver.