The usher handed us a 2 1/2″ square slip of paper (that’s 60 mm for my non-US readers) at a recent play we attended. Not a usual program booklet full of ads and actor bios thanking Mom and Dad and their preferred deity for the opportunity to act.

We focused on the QR code with our smartphone cameras, and voila, a program for the play! Minimal paper wasted. A good thing.

So I started thinking of ways to revisit uses for QR codes, since they seem to be back in style. I am seeing them on signs and magazine advertisements (the last time I wrote about this was almost exactly 3 years ago, and LinkedIn users seemed underwhelmed since I rarely see these), but for the sake of instruction, here’s the “how to” from LinkedIn’s Help Center.

BTW I made these 3 on QR Creator, which allows you a few innovative options (hmmm…ideas for those new post-pandemic business cards?):

my website
me on

Let your creativity run free, like I did above. What other ideas do you see for this apparent resurgence in QR codes? Tell us.