My father used to tell us “learn something” as we went off to school. How corny, I remember thinking, but now as I am older, how wishful. How rich.

I strive to be relevant and increase my effectiveness in everything I do, with everyone I come across. So I am gratified to learn from my peers and colleagues in every conversation, in every interaction in words or other ways. I blush when someone went out of her way to thank me for my contribution to a group discussion, as happened last week. Gratifying: I am having the desired effect. But it not all about giving. I like to receive as well.

I learned about pechakucha from a global cadre of new friends, I was exposed to the Human Library from one of the “books” (a beautiful wise person) who is available for “borrowing,” I was engaged as never before in multiple zoom conversations with smart, giving colleagues all over the world in the past months who have increased my global knowledge in exponential ways. And finally, I have had the pleasure of presenting to a group of entrepreneurs (to be asked back to present again) and revel in the honor of having coached complex and fascinating individuals to better present their “why.”

I want to do more.

Soon you will see an animation that I am excited about, 1 of a series of 4, to make an impression on the memories of others, created by some very creative people. And I will be on NYC radio again, more podcasts are scheduled, all answering questions that always challenge me to add my value.

All about LinkedIn. I sometimes marvel at how I can expound upon this open marketing power tool.

At each turn in my journey, I learn and can reuse my new knowledge. I can contribute to others so they can catapult. It’s a continuum. It had better never end.

What have you learned today?

Thanks, Dad.

Marc W. Halpert

LinkedIn personal coach, group trainer, marketing strategist and overall evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate better!

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