Today's LinkedIn Nugget


The rooms I frequent these days are either electronic, as in Zoom breakout sessions, or physical, as in the first face-to-face networking session I attended last week.

Or in a LinkedIn Group, increasingly hard to find, or in a conversation over a LinkedIn post that I, or someone else, contributed.

My point? It’s not the electronic, or the gypsum board walls that separate spaces, but rather the cerebral and the emotional ones that combine us to be greater through collaboration. From any number of participants, brilliance. Why I named my company connect2collaborate, you guys.

It’s only those special sometimes when that brilliance is palpable, then it’s infectious.

So I will never get “zoom fatigue” when each opportunity can bring me together with one, or more, like-minded contribution-driven, sharing, nurturing, experienced colleagues. That feeling of interaction makes us all better.

I can only say it happens to me enough to be thankful, yet never enough to ever take it for granted. And I cannot get enough of it, like a fine dish prepared by a team of masters in a kitchen, also a room, combining quality ingredients together in a way that my taste buds tell my brain, “this is really special, taste the nuances slowly, and appreciate every morsel.”

Oh yeah, the LinkedIn tie-in: does your reader “taste” your quality and savor your offering? Can you improve on your recipe and share it with others to emulate and/or perhaps doctor a bit to make it even better? Can you enter their cerebral and emotional space as a unique brand to be recognized for your worth? Probably, but can you do better?

Stir that LinkedIn pot, in any room you participate in.