Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Back on the (rail)road again

This week I gathered up my courage, pulled on my big boy pants and went back to NYC to visit clients and meet new colleagues I had only met electronically.

Masks on commuter trains are required.

One-to-one meetings with clients were case-by-case. Knuckle bumps seems most common these days but I did rub elbows too.

The conference room meeting was full. But we were required to have a mask with us and have been already vaccinated, so I felt that our best interests were being carefully considered.

Besides, is anything perfectly safe anyway?

Hugs, knuckle-bumps, elbow taps: everyone has a different way of showing the personal connection that we crave, after 16 months of denial.

It was a great experience these past months, one to tell in later years, yet I feel like I had finally made that giant stride to meet in a room with others I care about, albeit slower than some of my colleagues, and magically I was back in the Big Apple, with my friends and networking family.

Not much (physical), and everything (mental), has changed our ways, and yet it felt like I was back in a good groove that I had long left and to fully shift back to the Prepandemic Era might take a long time.

No less so that before, I will still be a thought leader, evangelizing on LinkedIn, as much in zoom meetings as in a conference room discussing important issues that colleagues and clients want clarified. I need to learn from them just as strongly.

But like riding a bike after decades, I wobbled a bit at first, then found my balance, and it all came back.

It’s good to be back on the road again. And I also walked 4.2 miles that day.

Tomorrow, a guest blog post by Perry Knoppert, from Amsterdam, with his own wonderful multipotentialite, nonlinear view of the networking world. My thank-you to him for a podcast we wrapped, with a bow.