Today's LinkedIn Nugget

You will talk about yourself, right?

Who remembers this punishment? Did it work? Probably not.

I was scolded for talking to much in class. In fact one of my last bosses called me the Pontiff. Not scolding but in reality, an admonishment, though not direct, it was clear.

Such subtlety seemed simultaneously subjugating and subliminally subjected to silencing.

I protested in my own way, I left big business and started my own little one.

Early on in what became my three concurrent entrepreneurships, I learned I had to speak for myself, as no one else would say it as well as I could. Nor could I let them.

Then as they got comfortable with the quality of services I delivered, they endorsed my skills, recommended me to others via referrals, and my business thrived with minimal advertisement.

But I always had to talk the marketing talk for myself.

So I will not shut up. I will never stop hawking my value proposition.

Neither should you.

And where should we talk most? IMHO, on LinkedIn. To 756 million others, clearly, responsibly, concisely (hard for a Pontiff!) and using every tool it allows us to use, and forever perfect our craft. So others can endorse and recommend you. And you stay sharp.

So repeat after me (no paper needs to be wasted): I will talk about myself on LinkedIn.

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