Back to one of the topics in the blog yesterday (in the PS footnote): I had the great pleasure of rubbing electronic elbows with a cohort of 5 “brains” in a week-long training series.

In each session, I listened intently, and recorded the voice portion of the zoom calls for later study, as so much was presented that I was afraid I’d miss a tidbit, which had the potential to be a breakthrough of some sort, for my profile success on that platform in front of other brains.

I want to play and learn with the brains.

I serendipitously observed the leader of the cohort, who jotted quotes that flew from our mouths as we participated, into the chat box, as take-aways, for her and for us. Then others started doing the same. Infectious.

So I decided to concentrate on the provided zoom recordings of the audio and visual combo. As time allows, I replay more and more of the segments of the 5 hour-long sessions.

There I take mental note of the facial expressions, the hand gestures, and the conversational aspects of what makes a cohesive group session so much richer when it’s an open forum of ideas, questions, and answers, all for the goal of learning from each other, with beautiful quotes recorded as uttered by really smart, experienced people of all backgrounds.

Our leader intelligently assembles these cohorts as she further develops her service vision of the coming revolution in interpersonal knowledge transfer she calls Pick My Brain.

The leader follows the bouncing ball of the conversation and retains its wealth.

The LinkedIn tie-in? Well, as you know, it’s my 12-year old passion as a communications tool with great connections, paralleling brains in Pick my Brain; both are power tool platforms.

We must have multiple tools in our brand marketing toolbox. These platforms are not mutually exclusive. They mesh so well, when used correctly.

My self-challenge for the second half of 2021: to rise and participate as never before, in the global business conversation among peers, as the global economy rights itself and booms. Because it will boom, I want to be ever vocal, active, relevant, and lead in my own tribe of great professionals whom I strive to enrich, and they back to me. I will follow their lead as well!

I now have multiple power tools in my branding toolbox: shiny, honed, and ready to be used, often.

Do you?