Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Fractional executives: a new term to me

The year is half over, and a fraction of 2021 is left to conquer.

I learned something new that I heard twice in a week: the term “fractional executive.”

I checked with a colleague, and she admitted she had not heard of it until then either, so I felt still wholly (unfractionally) vindicated and completely un-curmudgeonly.

That’s wholly a good thing.

Defined on Wikipedia, “Fractional executives are professionals who offer their management services to organizations on a for-hire, part-time basis. These executives typically have extensive experience in a business environment in roles such as chairperson, owner, CXO senior vice president, vice president, or director. Their skills can be focused in one discipline or be more broad-based, depending on their experience.”

Aha! I have known many people who offered their services to multiple organizations part-time, and made a busy, full time career of doing so, paid hourly, a fair way to operate. I just hadn’t encountered a term for that industry. So I have now expanded my vocabulary.

If you are a fractional executive, show it on your LinkedIn profile in the form of a functional job listing, with the proper keywords knitted into the job description (especially valuable for search purposes). I say functionally, instead of listing the companies you fractionally work for.

But with their permission, consider naming a range of very large-to-small, an array of different industries, brandworthy company names, etc., since your clients will come and go, but your services remain constant to a variety of clients.

I might add, that in searching for the term “fractional executive,” I found very few. That might pose an opportunity for you if this fits your career narrative for the present and into the future. BTW, it is a hashtag on LinkedIn with 396 followers, now including me. So there must be an audience…

If you need help articulating your fractional function(s) on LinkedIn, let me know. Sometimes it just takes a fresh point of view to steer you in the right direction.

Hmmm, I suppose I fractionalize my LinkedIn training as well.