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I get the question from time to time, especially from funny people, “how funny can I be on LinkedIn?”

I always respond: as funny as you would be in a Board Room presenting to the Board of Directors. Yes, they laugh too, but your profile is a serious business asset, to be cultivated and nurtured for maximum return. This is serious business. But if you are fun-loving verbally in why you do what you do well, within reason of course, be yourself in your profile.

Within reason, I repeat.

The last thing you want is to present conflicting personas between your profile and any other communication, including spoken voice. If your profile is written witty and fun and you are naturally serious in conversation, that’s a big “disconnect” to the prospective client who calls you after reviewing your profile, setting off mental warning buzzers and red flags that one or the other persona is not real. Don’t be a “disconnect.”

I found this article and think worthwhile to share with you, in the context of this blog post and overall in business.

Funny or not, laughter is always a human need, and especially in a pandemic. Meter humor in certain business situations, such as an in-depth career narrative on your LinkedIn profile as the readers’ introduction to your true self.

Just be judicious in how you use humor.

I’ll stick to intermittent well-placed dad jokes. As the article says, “A bad dad joke can literally help you get paid.” I’m all for getting paid. (See, I just used humor).

I’ll just imagine you laughing...with me.

Tomorrow: a guest blog post by Susie Israel!

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