People will start moving around to new and better job positions when we emerge from the pandemic to a robust economy. This will affect LinkedIn usage and is to be expected on both sides of the equation: employer and employee.

A question came in via LinkedIn message. Funny, it’s the second time this week I was asked that same thing. So it deserves coverage here for readers who work for others.

Actually he asked 3 questions: “How do I address the fact that my current employer can and does watch my LinkedIn. Not worry about it? Tread lightly?

My reply:

“It’s easy to explain to them (whether or not they believe you) that you are updating your profile to keep up with changes your work is taking you through, and to offer new material you read and can post your professional experience on.

If they are afraid of your leaving, it’s up to you to assure them that’s not why you are using LinkedIn.

You are using it to be part of the global professional communication currency that is LinkedIn and that reflects well on you and their business. Hope that helps.”

It did, he reported back.

I saved another sleepless night for him, I hope.