I am a contributor to a team of thinkers who plan new projects together with customers ahead of launch. It’s that closeness and mutual respect that makes me pleased to be included as a member of their organization, more than a “mere vendor.”

It takes time and close work to earn and enjoy those spots.

So when they email to arrange a marathon zoom call, I know they are tapping into my experience to keep them on a straight path, with my now 20 years’ expertise and guidance.

We scope out the project parameters and I quote the price based on perceived time and effort to plan, execute, test, tweak, train, and deliver. I check in intermittently with project progress reports, we make interim adjustments as we roll forward, full steam ahead.

I remain available on any crunch dates or action times, even if that makes for a late night or being “on” during a weekend. One project I am teaming up with will last a year.

We debrief and discuss to learn what I and they liked, what I and they envision better next time, and how their clients reacted. Two-way honesty.

It’s heartwarming for the next return-engagement.

I am in their team. Us.

All by way of earning my tagline: “we exceed expectations.”