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I was offered the new LinkedIn Creator widget and promptly installed it. If you do not have it yet, you soon will as they roll it out.

One of the best aspects is that it encourages new potential connections to approach you and become a follower, not ask to connect.

I am all for that.

Actually that follower selection is not something new, as it has long been available on your Settings and Privacy options on a specific page to only allow others to approach you as a follower (the green toggle switch at the bottom):

In fact following that change in my settings pre-Creator and post-the scourge of Ghanaian hairdressers who wanted to meet me on LinkedIn, these bot invites stopped (I hesitate to say “forever”). Like overnight, they stopped.

So if you do not yet have Creator, you can get the best part of it anyway by changing your Settings.

Now you know.

I cede my seat at the hairdresser. As if I need it…