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I gave an hour-long webinar to a professional group last week. The chat was open to allow participants to ask me something that was not clear in my session, or a “how the heck do I {…}” to be curated by the host of the webinar to ask me at the end.

Feeling I had accomplished my goal, I wrapped up with 5 minutes to spare for open Q&A.

There was none.

Odd, I thought, we had the same number of attendees as when we started.

Everyone was smiling.

Could I have been so clear in my delivery? Is there nothing that they wanted to know in the confusing platform that LinkedIn is, and as it is changing, even to this LinkedIn coach?

I guess not.

We ended. The sponsor was happy. I scratched my head but moved on with my day.

The next morning I held my weekly “Ask Me Anything” zoom chat in one of my networking groups and we had the usual energetic and free-wheeling session open to anyone to ask anything LinkedIn. The regulars were there to add to their existing knowledge. They even added to my answers, showing me they are absorbing my teaching in remarkable ways. New people were there, asking me specific questions they had always wondered but didn’t know where or whom to ask.

My, what a difference a day makes!

Ask, I will answer. No need to be shy. I sure am not. No such thing as a bad question, right?