Today's LinkedIn Nugget

I have 1300. Do I hear 3000?

You can write a post on LinkedIn, up to a limit of 1300 characters, including spaces.

Used to. Now it’s 3000, just changed by LinkedIn last week.

Good news?

Not necessarily.

Did you ever bump up against the 1300 character limit? Perhaps not.

Most posts are already boring, not necessarily enticing, and uninviting to get to know your brand better.

1300 is plenty. You should be able to fit your thoughts into that number of spaces, and even if you have 1700 more to fill.

My advice: do better within the original 1300 characters. If that’s not enough space to offer quality, you have more space. But be economic, add quality.

Try to be short-winded. Try. Attention spans just ain’t what they used to be. 1300 is more than enough.

Quality of keystrokes, not quantity.