Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Solid, but perhaps not as old a 400-year-old copper beech

This past weekend we visited an artists’ open house, he a pianist, she a designer. They bought the house for no other reason than the grandeur and spectacular beauty of a 400-year old copper beech on their property.

When you enter their estate, you are quickly struck by the omnipresent red copper leaves of that tree. The owner greeted us warmly and tourguided us towards the tree. Walk beneath the limbs of the tree, she described, it’s like entering a room.

She was correct. The immediate relief from a hot humid day was remarkable. The quiet and cool, dark shade this tree provides filled the senses.

We were shown its lower branches popping out seedpods, which it produces once every 10 years (talk about patience!). Allowed to take some pods home, I released 2 seeds per pod and planted them, in hopes they germinate this mighty beech again.

The backstory behind this grand dame tree is that they are 95% sure George Washington met financiers under it to rally support for the Revolutionary Army. It makes the tree even larger than life, and it’s pretty darned big already!

The LinkedIn connection? You do not have to be in business for 400 years to embrace and encompass others who come to you, nor do you have to wait 10 years for your business ideas to geminate.

All you have to do is cast an inviting, embracing Linkedin profile and welcome others to come fill their minds and senses with your value and brand.

No Founding Fathers required, but connection to thought leaders might help attract others.

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