Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Back to Basics Tuesday: have something to cluck about?

Suppose: You win an award. You are published. You are recognized for volunteer work you do.

You have so many things to be proud of…if they are business-related, or somehow reflect well on you and your firm, tell us.

Or we won’t know.

And we will not be able to congratulate you.

So strut it, drumstick roll, please.

At first mention, it goes in 3 places:

  1. in a post (disappears quickly among the others on top of it)
  2. in the appropriate your Accomplishments subsection (assumes your profile reader scrolls down that far), and
  3. in the first left-most spot in your Featured panes (be sure to update this as you have news to show, over time!).

Yes, three times.

With the passage of time, the other 2 places above move along and off the immediate view on your profile, but you are memorializing it in the Accomplishments subsection forever, to be drawn upon again as needed, in an easy place to find it.

Be proud. Be open.

Be amazing-er, even if it feels uncomfortable doing.

Because it’s finger lickin’ good on your LinkedIn profile!