You alone can tell your life story, as you want it to be perceived.

On LinkedIn. Not fabricating, but accentuating certain aspects to be best understood.

This is self-marketing after all.

Not in half-sentences with just enough to make the reader slightly interested in you.

But rather with completed thoughts and narrative allowing the reader an evaluation into why you do what you do.

If I sound like a broken record here, reiterating the same themes in different ways, so be it.

I will continue to exhort you to give yourself the permission to express to another professional why you are truly unique.

That’s “Why I Do What I Do.” To bring you to a better place and tell us.

I am not finished, not by a longshot. I have my career behind and in front of me. I am a work-in-process.

What’s the working title of your career-in-process?