I want to start by saying I am NOT posting this as an ad for myself. This IS an ad for the powerful conversations that Scott Mason conducts on his podcasts and the people who surround him with admiration and appreciation. Scott, many many thanks!

This was the mother of conversations on LinkedIn. It keeps going and going.

I provide this to you in order to take away fertile ideas about how to add value on your Linkedin Home page, by using the power of comments to advance an idea, to recommend a podcast/article/book, or just to express your appreciation for something someone else posted.

Please click that link above.

(OK, I will repeat it: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/smason1_electronicpayments-linkedincoach-businesspeople-ugcPost-6793306819575058432-8tVv).

See an example of what you can be doing better on Linkedin to open and enhance professional conversation and thus be more prolific in your thought leadership, just by expressing yourself.

You will see why emoticons just are so lazy.