Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Back to Basics Tuesday: edit; better, renovate

Copy paste. cut, insert, edit, edit, edit. And then share it to LinkedIn.

Good for you for taking the time to update your profile.

But is the net result looking more like a collection of rags in a patchwork quilt than a finely woven fabric cut into a designer suit?

Wrap yourself in the best images and words you can to express your career narrative, but be sure you pay strict attention to syntax, grammar, spelling, parallel usage, power verbs, and always employ the pronoun “I,” when all are used throughout, they belie an eagle eye to style and color and action and impression.

Not much more to say than be very aware of how you come across after the edits.

If needed, scrap the whole thing, renovate, and start over. You may just end up spending quality time, with a better product, than the quick careless hack job serves.

Breathe. Embrace the opportunity to tell about yourself better.