Finer Points, Today's LinkedIn Nugget

The review of my book is up!

Have a look, and I especially like that Cynthia Sharp focused on the appendices I wrote and the three terrific guest chapters writers (Sandra Bekhor, Carol Greenwald, and Lori Frybergh) I selected to add greater value to the words I crafted into the second edition.

It takes a village.

The boss gave me tomorrow off. Happy long Memorial Day weekend to all.

LinkedIn Tips and Techniques, Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Solid, but perhaps not as old a 400-year-old copper beech

This past weekend we visited an artists’ open house, he a pianist, she a designer. They bought the house for no other reason than the grandeur and spectacular beauty of a 400-year old copper beech on their property.

When you enter their estate, you are quickly struck by the omnipresent red copper leaves of that tree. The owner greeted us warmly and tourguided us towards the tree. Walk beneath the limbs of the tree, she described, it’s like entering a room.

She was correct. The immediate relief from a hot humid day was remarkable. The quiet and cool, dark shade this tree provides filled the senses.

We were shown its lower branches popping out seedpods, which it produces once every 10 years (talk about patience!). Allowed to take some pods home, I released 2 seeds per pod and planted them, in hopes they germinate this mighty beech again.

The backstory behind this grand dame tree is that they are 95% sure George Washington met financiers under it to rally support for the Revolutionary Army. It makes the tree even larger than life, and it’s pretty darned big already!

The LinkedIn connection? You do not have to be in business for 400 years to embrace and encompass others who come to you, nor do you have to wait 10 years for your business ideas to geminate.

All you have to do is cast an inviting, embracing Linkedin profile and welcome others to come fill their minds and senses with your value and brand.

No Founding Fathers required, but connection to thought leaders might help attract others.

Back to Basics Tuesdays, Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Back to Basics Tuesday: have something to cluck about?

Suppose: You win an award. You are published. You are recognized for volunteer work you do.

You have so many things to be proud of…if they are business-related, or somehow reflect well on you and your firm, tell us.

Or we won’t know.

And we will not be able to congratulate you.

So strut it, drumstick roll, please.

At first mention, it goes in 3 places:

  1. in a post (disappears quickly among the others on top of it)
  2. in the appropriate your Accomplishments subsection (assumes your profile reader scrolls down that far), and
  3. in the first left-most spot in your Featured panes (be sure to update this as you have news to show, over time!).

Yes, three times.

With the passage of time, the other 2 places above move along and off the immediate view on your profile, but you are memorializing it in the Accomplishments subsection forever, to be drawn upon again as needed, in an easy place to find it.

Be proud. Be open.

Be amazing-er, even if it feels uncomfortable doing.

Because it’s finger lickin’ good on your LinkedIn profile!

LinkedIn Tips and Techniques, Today's LinkedIn Nugget

What is the working title of your life story?

You alone can tell your life story, as you want it to be perceived.

On LinkedIn. Not fabricating, but accentuating certain aspects to be best understood.

This is self-marketing after all.

Not in half-sentences with just enough to make the reader slightly interested in you.

But rather with completed thoughts and narrative allowing the reader an evaluation into why you do what you do.

If I sound like a broken record here, reiterating the same themes in different ways, so be it.

I will continue to exhort you to give yourself the permission to express to another professional why you are truly unique.

That’s “Why I Do What I Do.” To bring you to a better place and tell us.

I am not finished, not by a longshot. I have my career behind and in front of me. I am a work-in-process.

What’s the working title of your career-in-process?

LinkedIn Tips and Techniques, Today's LinkedIn Nugget

A little more spring in my steps

I don’t know about you but this time of year I have more energy. More creativity, more desire to grow something small into something big.

More desire to pontificate on topics I know others need to learn, as generous portions of reluctance to talk about oneself are served to me each day.

That’s why I am pleased to have a few coinciding events in my LinkedIn life coming up that get me a-flutter:

  1. The second edition of my book will be reviewed in the ABA Solo Small Firm and GP eReport soon.
  2. Today I embark on implementing the ABA’s marketing plan for the book in a zoom call with an in-house manager in their marketing department.
  3. I hired a PR expert for the book and my other events/ideas to bring more press and expert eyes to my work, and wow, she is full of energy and positive thoughtful ideas!
  4. Next a zoom call to coordinate efforts in the three events above.
  5. I will soon release 4 animated short videos, made for me (voiced-over by me too!), one for each aspect of my business. Everywhere I look I am seeing animation as a means of advertisement: memorable, colorful, active, and light-hearted. And to quote Lois Geller, in her 2012 article in Forbes, “Why a Brand Matters,” that I like to include in my educational sessions about “you as a brand” (and that you should read!):

If you’re going to develop your brand, the last thing you want to do is follow the beaten path. You want to head down your own road. Your brand has to plant itself in the hearts and minds (especially hearts) of prospects and customers.

6. I have a few upcoming events in which I am speaking virtually (soon I hope to get my head around sessions that I will appear in person…):

  • Guest on the podcast “It’s Just Business” with Dana Dowdell (publication date TBD)
  • Presenting “Legally LinkedIn” to the Burlington County (NJ) Bar Association 5/26/21 530pm
  • Co-presenting “Ask Us Anything” for job seekers at the NY Public Library’s Business Library with my good friend Rob Thomas 6/14/21 500pm (simulcast on Facebook)
  • Presenting “LinkedIn for Podcasters” at PodKnow 2021 conference 6/26/21 1000am

So I am busy collecting nectar and bringing the good stuff back to the hive to get you fellow bees busy too.

What’s your buzz these days that you want to share here?