Last week I was on a zoom call with two partners of a company, and they asked me a question how to do something (arcane and unusual) on LinkedIn. Blushingly, I told them I was not sure how, and asked them to try one way that may have worked (it did not) and then I said plainly

I don’t know the answer, but I will find out.

One of the partners remarked that he was not surprised I didn’t know how and that was just fine, and I retorted, that soon we will all know how.

The next thing I did after the call was research the answer and email them all. Right away. In the moment (see Tuesday’s blog post).

One of the partners emailed back that he appreciated my effort especially for that answer asap and that the call was a success. I don’t get emails that the call was a success often, so this was meaningful.

Music to my ears. The relationship continues well.