A few ways to be in the moment on LinkedIn:

  1. I was e-introduced a lot during this pandemic. I always immediately start the process to meet over zoom ahead of connecting on LinkedIn. Immediately. Not to appear as needy or desperate, but energetic and grateful for the referral.
  2. I always respond to messages and notifications on LinkedIn. Right away. No moss under my fingertips. If someone contacts you, you should respond. You should be enthusiastic in the words you choose, and they will feel the energy. Then both parties react.
  3. Not every contact has to be business-oriented, depending on the relationship. For example, I am working on a jigsaw puzzle and it contains a picture of my client’s building (it’s a famous church). I worked really hard just to get all the pieces of the portion of the puzzle with the church and sent my client a “hello” in the form of a picture of the puzzle so far. She replied immediately and thanked me for thinking enough to send it to her. Me building bridges, or in this case, churches, via LinkedIn.
  4. And as reported here before, whenever I hang up or end a zoom call and it calls for a next step for me to make a proposal, I send an immediate thank you for the meeting combined with a connection request via LinkedIn. The sooner they reply, the sooner they seem to sign my proposal. Not scientific, just a consequence of my making an immediate impression.

Be fast, be nimble, be smart. Make an impact.