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She’s just a desperado

Linda Ronstadt (1973, in the best version of this song) had it right: Why don’t you come to your senses?

From a real connection request I received from out of the blue (her name has been changed to protect this desperate LinkedIn desperado):

Jo: Hey Marc I see that you’re a speaker and I’d appreciate being connected with you.      

Marc: Have we met? How can I help you?

Jo: I had reached to connect with you as we share similar backgrounds.

Marc: Jo, Thanks for asking. My policy is to only connect to people I got to know doing business with them so I will respectfully decline, but I do suggest you follow me on LinkedIn. That way you can see all my observations, writing, and thoughts, with a “Nugget” every business day. Thanks, Marc

Jo: No worries. We have to reach out to first to meet people. I respect your process and have a great weekend.

(I thought that was pretty clear. But wait, there’s more…a final desperate effort:)

Jo: Also, I do volunteer for {organization I am partial to}.

Wait, our common thread is that I am a speaker? Sound the buzzer.

We share a similar background (which we do not). Buzzer again.

I was professional and honest. She was too, but not to my way of connecting. Game over.

I suggest you find real reasons to connect and not be appear to be a desperado.