Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Confident or courageous?

What do you broadcast, subtly or overly, in your words, your actions, and (you knew this was coming) your LinkedIn persona?

Are you courageous?

Or, better, are you confident?

I ask you to watch this video for 47 seconds.

As you can learn from this young podcaster (and I wish I knew half of what he knows when I was his age!), courage is fleeting. It’s felt and then quickly dissipates.

And, as he suggests, confidence is long-lasting. It is noticed and then sticks with you. And it builds.

You admire confident professional people. You “network up” with confident professional people. You emulate confident professional people. You learn from confident people. As such, you become one more of the legions of confident professional people.

Here I have told you lots of stories about how I learned as I progressed.

Now it’s your turn.

I ask you to tell me a story about once when you rose confidently and were remembered for it.

Here. Yes, right here, as a comment to this blog post.

But folks, please DO NOT “like” this blogpost. That is not confident, or even courageous.

Tell why you liked this blog post, that’s sticking your neck out to give a professional opinion and that takes confidence.

And turn that story into a recommendation on LinkedIn from a colleague or vendor or client or boss that demonstrates that skill and tells that story, how you made something happen that was really amazing. Asking a recommender to write something laudable on your behalf takes confidence.

Make a comment on a post and take a stand. Be relevant, intelligent, challenging, interesting and conversational.

Others will see your value. They will admire your confidence to show “why you,” and you can evoke their comments to add to the conversation. Like I did above.

Be real and take some time to confidently tell us why you are memorable.

Today and always, it’s an open mike.

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