Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Stay-at-Home-Xs get more respect on LinkedIn

Pandemic bearing down upon us or not, we all may have to make thoughtful choices to stay at home.

It can be any of a number of facts of life: raise a child or children, tend to an ailing relative, or have a disability or chronic illness that makes commuting and office work environments hazardous.

I have covered the phenomenon in this blog before: it is called non-linear career histories, as in stops and re-starts in the career trajectory.

LinkedIn has made a big advance in allowing those who chose to stay at home: if you don’t have it already, soon you will see it offer new options in the job and industry dropdowns on the Experience section from which we have to choose.

From the Today Show, with thanks to my daughter who is on maternity leave from her consulting position raising my granddaughter:

“Stay-at-home mom,” “stay-at-home dad” and “stay-at-home parent” are among new titles LinkedIn has introduced to its English-language users this week as part of a larger undertaking by the networking site to better allow people to detail months or years away from the paid workforce. “Caretaker,” “homemaker” or simply “mom” or “dad” are now options as well.

And with acknowledgement of pronoun preferences in today’s workplace, we will soon have the option to specify our preferred pronouns soon too. You may have already seen this already. I know I have. And not that I need it, I don’t have it yet.

Just like it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a pandemic to make societal workplace changes more flexibly acceptable.

And remember to keep that toggle switch “off” while you make those changes to your Experience section!