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I get impassioned, frustrated emails and calls from time to time:

LinkedIn’s not working right. It’s broken. It can’t get it to {…}

I reply something along these lines: OK, deep breath. It gets weird sometimes.

It happens to me too. Like just now, it went wacky on me. Not working right.

I just spent too long trying to edit my Featured section, in which I wanted to change a picture, add a pane, and delete an old pane.

I couldn’t get it to work, no matter what I tried.

Yes, exasperating. No, it’s not broken. It’s part of the sport we call LinkedIn. No one ever said this was easy, right?

I will try again tomorrow and I’ll bet you that it’ll work just fine. That would be my advice to the person who contacted me.

And so tomorrow’s another day. It happens.

It will work again, so I can too.

Post script: it’s working fine this morning, so fear not intrepid LinkedIn enthusiasts, it’s usually those house elves making their mischief.