Last week LinkedIn came out with a few new ways to freshen up the product.

Ho hum.

I will await the tsunami of everyone immediately overusing the new shiny pennies and forgetting about the core aspects of the platform: to connect, co-educate, and collaborate.

These new bells and whistles allows you to tell more about yourself. Chances are you have not optimized your profile in the first place so you do not tell about yourself all that well.

Or you could better.

You have more to do to perfect your profile first and foremost, before these new baubles they are promoting. You may have let your profile go stale, so no one is attracted to your offering, subliminally or overtly. Better start with your personal profile and the basics. Like walk before you run.

To be amazing-er than your competition to start with, you need to concentrate on wowing the casual reader with a kick-ass profile, and let the new items add just a glint more sparkle to that already well-polished career narrative you enthralled them with.

First things first.