It cannot hurt to post this idea in different words, again, just as what happened a few days ago.

  1. LinkedIn tells you when a connection looks at your profile.
  2. Hopefully that tells you to ask if they need something or you can help them in any way.
  3. Then your connection can tell you if they need your expertise.

It keeps the conversational aspect of social media going even if you have not been in touch on LinkedIn for a while. Be friendly and open:

Hi Sam, Hope you are well. I see you looked at my profile. Anything I can help you with? -Marc

Chances are they will answer with:

Oh, just looking around to see what you are up to.

or something like that.

If at all.

Can’t hurt to ask, right? Perhaps they really do need your help and you can get some business from it.

Always be watching for new business opportunities, right?