Today's LinkedIn Nugget

The power of great titles

“Indonesian food found to prevent deadly DEMENTIA”

So ran the title of an email and I didn’t even want to read it. A ton of spam comes across my screen these days but this one is a doozy.

That got me thinking of the best use of titles on LinkedIn (weird how my brain works, huh?)

  1. You can rework your Headline on LinkedIn to make the most of SEO and look amazing-er in 220 characters. Scratch “can”–you must! No using “VP at” in your headline, ever!
  2. You can start your posts with a punchy phrase, and you can add your visionary comments to incent someone to read and share your ideas.
  3. You can title a long-form LinkedIn article with your brand of wit and wisdom, further add a graphic to get the point across, and start strong with a great lede paragraph.

You can. You should. You must. But do you?

Or is your headline/title so bland, or as in the top-most case above such a non sequitur, that it is passed by and the reader sees you crying wolf, only to make a mental note to ignore you?

Your choice. 


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