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It’s the elation I get from starting with a new LinkedIn client, that I find a way or an approach that can effect a real difference by winning them over to wanting to tell more about themselves.

It’s the excitement of thinking about the way to plan for that person before his/her first one-to-one session with me, starting with a review of their LinkedIn profile, clues from their Facebook or Twitter profiles too. Often they seem to accentuate one thing on one platform at the expense of the others.

I get a rush from starting with new clients. Right now I have a few lined up, and that’s even better, it’s downright fun! OK, you know I can be a rah-rah, but the “anticipation, it’s making me wait” (thank you Carly Simon and Heinz ketchup!) captures my imagination with each client until the first scheduled session. And then beyond.

I imagine the client is anticipating this as well. Perhaps not as enthusiastically as I am…but here’s hoping!

The seesaw tips back and forth and eventually, 4 sessions later, it’s stable.

Ah, the feeling then too!

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