I am getting inquiries about training networking groups, with my popular session I call “What You Absolutely Positively, HAVE To Be Doing on LinkedIn Right Now!”

And it’s satisfying that others are emerging from the pandemic fog. And that they recognize now’s the time to self-brand and market themselves ahead of the pent-up gush of demand that we will experience soon: our emergence and reunification as face-to-face human business professionals.

I gave 2 sessions by the same title, organized by one person to two of her networking groups, and then one attendee of the first session hired me to train at her Texas-based networking group. She emailed that she wants to do more. From that group I had another inquiry.

This past weekend someone whom I had not been in touch with for a few years emailed me, asking for this topic, and just now an email came from another networking colleague to speak to his networking group.

See the pattern: we are thawing and realizing we need to re-activate to meet the challenge of the new-normal (whatever that will be, whenever that will start), when it booms.

Does your networking group or association need a refresher course to re-acclimate? I’m ready to help you in this catchup exercise.

Are you ready?