Today's LinkedIn Nugget

It’s not easy wearing green

It started as a trip to a big box store, pre-pandemic era, about this time of year. I saw a sport coat that I had to try on. I did, I posed. It wasn’t me. But I preserved that memory and share it with you.

My son gave me a pair of socks that was outside my comfort zone but I wore them on my trips to the city for business, because it was the style (still is, I think). Pre-pandemic era train rides always resulted in fellow riders commenting on where I got them, almost every time. I became more comfortable with silly socks.

Then my friend gave me a holiday present of Dr. Fauci socks, so of course I wear them mid-pandemic. Not sure they will be stylish post- but I will preserve them as a memento of a time to remember.

All three point to the passage of time, easing into new styles, and enjoying the ideas, the nuances, the freedoms. I am morphing.

You are too.

Is your LinkedIn profile reflecting your changing constantly, continually, cohesively?

It’s not easy being, wearing, or changing into green (or any other color), but I am getting there at my own pace.






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