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Definition: objects or ideas associated with memorable people or events. Things to remember them, or you, by.

Are you memorable? With all our noise, distraction, inputs and history, is your name, reputation, skillset, experience, or  vision worthy of our recalling exactly how to get a hold of you should the next appropriate situation suddenly present itself?

Last week, I received a message:

Hi Marc,  Hope this finds you well. Are you still working with that company that can make electronic payments? If so I may have a lead for you for a company in Kansas that sends out monthly residual payments. I would think they’d save a ton of $ just on postage. Let me know…

It’s always nice to be remembered. Especially since we had not been in direct contact since 2016.

I am so pleased he asked me. Now I need to make him look even better in Kansas so they in turn, remember him, and me, for the next referral.

I make it easy to get a hold of me from my contact details in LinkedIn: cell phone, email address, blog, websites, etc.

I also leave my connections breadcrumbs and memorabilia, every day, making me easy to find from my constant contributions via your LinkedIn feed.

Make it easy to contact you and create leave a traceable trail back to you too.

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  1. You know what they say “Out of sight, out of mind.” I always leave a trail of “breadcrumbs” and I make my interactions memorable. That is how you and I help our clients. We help them to “Make Their 1st Impressions Last”.

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